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Danish Bottling Company

Danish Bottling Company A/S has entered into a partnership with Sinalco International Brands GmbH & Co. KG concerning the production and distribution of Sinalco products throughout Scandinavia.

Sinalco is an international brand found in many parts of the world, and it has existed since 1902. Established 13 years ago, Danish Bottling Company is a relatively young undertaking. After entering into an agreement with a large Danish brewery, developments really took off for Danish Bottling Company, which is why we decided to relocate to larger facilities in Brande, situated in Central Denmark. This location was carefully selected notably because it is situated on top of springs that enable Danish Bottling Company to access some of the cleanest water in Denmark.

Danish Bottling Company looks forward to collaborating with Sinalco to provide Danes with a refreshing new assortment of fizzy drinks. The first products on the market are Cola, Cola Zero, Orange, Orange Zero and a Lemon. All products are available in two sizes: 0.50 L and 1.25 L.

The sweetener used for our Cola, Orange and Lemon products is only 50% added sugar, but the products have the same great taste as a fully sweetened product. This is possible because we add 50% Quros®, which provides the same good taste.

Sinalco has a wide range of fizzy drink products

So if you have any requests for other products, please feel welcome to contact us