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Sinalco – for a refreshing future

Kozuvchanka DOO Kavadarci is a private company established in 1995 by family Janchevi.
Despite the first product of this company, most quality, mineral water kozuvchanka, this company produces the natural water Izvorska.

Also Kozuvchanka Kavadarci is authorized manufacturer and distributor od Sinalco, spring juices including flavors of non-carbonated juices Sinetta, as well the Energi drink EnergiS.
This company, with ist 20 years of tradition out production od water and soft drinks is one of the fastest growing production companies in Macedonia and with over 100 employees is characterized as a company that cares about society and it’s quality od life. With more than 20 distributors and excellent coverage throughout the country, products od Kozuvchanka are available for everyone.
The factory which manufactures products is equipped with modern technical – technological equipment with environmental filtration that guarantees healthy and quality product in the market in every moment.

Today, the company’s success is due to the management team led by Mr. Mitko Janchev, and with the commitment to gaining confidence among consumers, the company is working to remain part of the daily, quality life of the citizens.

For more than 100 years

The taste of Sinalco has appealed to consumers all over the world. Learn more about our history.