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Sinalco – for a refreshing future

Always right up-to-date, Sinalco has provided consumers all over the world with great tasting alcohol-free refreshments for over a hundred years. As more and more people aspire to a healthy, active life, our brand has positioned itself as an enjoyable part of this lifestyle.

“We want to refresh everybody in the world with the unique taste of Sinalco.”
Managing Director Mongi Goundi defines his target for Sinalco’s future.

We have been implementing innovative ideas and developing new products for new markets at our headquarters in Duisburg in Germany since 1997. This is where our traditional brand has established a strong base, from which we can export the unique Sinalco taste out into previously unreached parts of the world.

Thanks to creative marketing and a strong company spirit, Sinalco quickly became popular in many countries of the world within a short time of its launch in 1905. Today the drinks with the red dot refresh consumers in over 50 countries. And more are joining all the time. Sinalco is always on the look-out for new partners and markets, which can benefit from what we can offer:

“We offer a fair partnership and licensing system, and deliver high-quality refreshment that is developed and produced to high German standards. The wishes of consumers in individual markets are kept in special focus,”
Mongi Goundi explains our partnership model.

German quality, a willingness to take risks, years of experience and above all the continuing development of the product range have been the key to our lasting, worldwide success story. These qualities have helped the cult brand survive crises in the past and give us the confidence to deal with the changing societies in which we operate. As well as our fair franchise model, Sinalco offers its licensees a long-lasting, reliable and trustworthy cooperation. Our partners profit from our investments in our global brand.

Sinalco’s long-term vision of the future influences production. We take care that both in the production of the concentrate and in the bottling and packaging, ecologically sustainable processes and bio-degradable substances are involved. Sinalco is continually working to optimise production processes to reduce waste and protect the environment. We are constantly seeking the balance between social responsibility and sound commercial interests.

Our large number of partners and our presence in markets all over the world mean that the Sinalco international family is well-structured to face the future, and to continue the success story of our cult brand.

For more than 100 years

The taste of Sinalco has appealed to consumers all over the world. Learn more about our history.